Last week’s visit out to the local stores indicated a pickup in volumes of product from Mexico for the major retailers, and a strong supply of local apples and pears in all stores. Experts note that the first major storms of the season are currently moving through CA, which will bring some much needed rain with it. The southeast regions of the US are bracing for another round of rain as a wet system is making its way through. Let’s hope the precipitation in these regions leads to favorable harvest conditions for the coming weeks, as shippers have noted that these conditions will not affect availability of product. Here’s some highlights of the month in the produce department:

tomatoes1Tomatoes: While most of the supplies in the stores was from local greenhouse growers, many retailers had both vine and beefsteak hothouse varieties originating from Mexico in stock. Shippers in CA are finishing up, and while some rough weather conditions in MX is limiting harvest, supplies are expected to keep up with demand in the east and west. Experts note that quality is good for beefsteak rounds, romas, cherry, and grape varieties.

ApplesApples: There is steady volume of all varieties. For red delicious, most shippers have larger sizes with few smaller available. Golden delicious are mostly producing premium grade sizes, with large being limited. Galas have steady availability on all sizes. Fujis are now trending towards smaller sizing. Quality of all varieties has been good, and we can expect there to be ample supplies throughout the winter months that should keep truck capacity steady in the region.

Lime2Limes: Mexico is producing enough supplies to meet the current demand. Experts note that the market is steady towards larger sizes. Hard rains and flooding in the growing region in Mexico temporarily disrupted harvesting, but the benefit is a bigger fruit due to the precipitation. Overall quality of this new crop is good and should be able to continue to keep up with demand through the holiday season.

So, that’s what we saw out at our local retail stores heading into November. Remember, you can always contact our sales team  to discuss any of these noted changes to buying patterns, expectations and demand for new crops. We can help you with your operations and shifts in truck capacity!

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