Last week’s visit out to the local stores showed that transitions continue on as scheduled for the Pacific Northwest. The weather has been favorable with a current high front hitting the west coast and seeing effects all the way to Northern Mexico; hopefully this weather pattern is advantageous in terms of quality and volume for this seasons crops. On the truck capacity side, California trucks remain steady again this week and should stay that way for the near future. Washington and Idaho harvest trucks remain adequate as well, with many trucks returning to long haul work. Here’s some highlights of the month in the produce department:

tomatoTomatoes – a few retailers showed signs of a transition to Mexican greenhouse product, while many remained favoring local greenhouses for supply. At t national glance California is noted to be wrapping up operations for the season, and Florida is now the main source of tomatoes until the winter season gets into full swing in Mexico. The hothouse round tomato market is steady with imports coming from the Baja area. Experts note that growers are seeing good quality and condition on all sizes. The roma market is doing very well with increasing numbers from Baja and eastern mainland Mexico; quality is reported to be good. Experts are also noting that the supply of grape tomatoes also continues to increase at this time, but market demand is declining. Mexico should hit its full stride for supplies by the time Thanksgiving demand kicks in.


avocado - jumbo vs. regAvocados – all stores had product originating from Mexico, and it was encouraging to see ample supply at every location. Experts note that Mexico continues harvesting steadily, shippers have good supplies on hand of 60s/70s/84s, and decent supplies of 48s. Demand is slow as markets continue to move downward. Consumers must remember that as this is new crop fruit, it is taking longer for the avocados to ripen, with fruit remaining green when ripe.


lemonLemons – there are little signs of last year’s struggles with domestic lemon supplies. Many retailers have US supplies which are of good size and quality; only a few retailers were relying on imports from Australia and South Africa. Experts note that the California  Ventura crop is 99% harvested for old crop. Experts also note that the Desert crop is picking up in volume and will continue to increase through the month, but will not reach good volume for a couple more weeks. The Central Valley crop is now beginning some limited picking and packing of their new season crop. While not apparent in our local market, Mexican fruit is also available and supplies are good.

So, that’s what we saw out at our local retail stores for the start of November. Remember, you can always contact our sales team  to discuss any of these noted changes to buying patterns, expectations and demand for new crops. We can help you with your operations and shifts in truck capacity. And remember to check back next month for our latest retail visit report!


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