Yet another post hosted by the UWT Sales Department! This week, Account Manager Oscar Aragon (newly transitioned in the company from Capacity Manger to Account Manager – congrats!) is sharing some of his experiences during his time in this industry, and also giving a huge shout out to our Customer Service Department!

There are many, many transportation providers in North America always looking for a piece of the pie.  After 10 years’ experience in this large industry, I can certainly shed some light on some of the craziest and weirdest situations out there.  As a transportation representative in both customer account and carrier management, I have seen it all.

There is the story of the driver who abandoned his employer’s truck and trailer at a truck stop to go “find himself” or the driver who delivered the full load of new wine bottles straight into a glass recycling facility, the stories go on.   However, it is the Customer Service Department at United World Transportation that goes above and beyond what is expected of most in the industry. Here are the three key areas that, in my opinion are the most critical and are what sets our team apart:

  • Dispatching – the group is very meticulous in dispatching every driver on every load; they consistently provide all information required and maintain open lines of communication at all times. The pro-activeness of the group is unparalleled.
  • Tracking and Tracing – many situations dictate that drivers are not always available to take phone calls as a result of being in an out of service areas.  Despite this, the UWT CSR Department stays in constant touch with drivers and provide very accurate updates to our customers so that they always know where there truck is, and what they will have available to sell and on what day.
  • Communication – clients can always rest easy that they will always be informed about status of their orders with UWT’s CSR Department, and by the methods of communication specified by the customer – yes even a phone call in the middle of the night!  Whatever is needed is what they do!

UWT’s CSR Team – Not only are they a great ‘customer service’ team, but also a fantastic ‘carrier service’ team.   UWT’s carrier partners (old and new) are always treated in a friendly and professional manner and are always eager to offer assistance.  May it be with directions, providing alternatives when carriers face unforeseen situations, they always ensure carriers are taken care of.

From experience, I can honestly say UWT’s CSR department is second to none, with a very personal touch that keeps our customers and carriers updated and at the same time, this amazing group provides a world class support structure to the Sales Department.

Want to experience this great team? Drop me an email at or give me a call directly at phone extension 164 to chat more about our program!

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