Another week with the UWT Sales Department!!!! This week, Account Manager Norman Bravo is showcasing both his love for football and his love for one of the commodities he coordinates shipments for every day, avocados.

Volume of avocado shipments is never higher than during Super Bowl week. Did you know?!?

  • Avocado Consumption for Super Bowl weekend (Feb 1-2) is expected to be over 100 million pounds in the U.S. alone? Up over 30% from last year!
  • 100 million pounds would be enough to fill the Super Bowl Stadium entirely, at a depth of over 40 feet!
  • Biggest supplier? Mexico! And a couple of fun facts on this country:
    • #1 producer and exporter of avocados
    • Produces over half the total of Hass Avocados in the world (account for 80% worldwide)
    • Year round production with peak seasons from November – June
    • Exported over 643,000 tonnes during the 2012-2013 season. More than 33% increase from previous season!

So, with the increase in volume during this week coupled with it being peak season for avocados until April, if you are looking to get avocados moved, contact me directly! (; phone extension 168). We can discuss what doing business with UWT means, for example: 

  • Door to door service from grower/shipper in Mexico or directly from the U.S. to its final destination within the country or Western Canada.
  • Expertise, accountability, and integrity in managing your transportation needs
  • Bilingual English and Spanish staffed 24/7 for 365 days for hands on involvement in your produce transportation
  • Cost savings by maintaining product quality, reducing need for replacement stock and redelivery costs.

This results in YOUR PEACE OF MIND!

Are you a carrier? We ship roughly 1,750 truckloads of avocados per year. Give our Sales team a call to get started! The following are our basic loading guidelines for your reference:

Loading Guidelines: Avocados 101

Expected Pallets:

20 – 21

Approximate Weight:

43,500 – 44,500 lbs

Approximate Case Count:

1,600 – 1,680

Temperature Settings:

38 – 42 Fahrenheit Continuous

Equipment Specification:

48 foot Reefer

**Always remember to pulp product temperature upon loading. This will ensure that the product has been adequately cooled and protects the carrier from any liability.


avocado infographic

*infographic from the Hass Avocado Board

On behalf of UWT, may the best team win and enjoy the game alongside some tasty Guacamole!!

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