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How Drivers Can Prepare for their DOT Medical Exam

In the trucking industry, all DOT medical examinations must be performed by a medical professional listed in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (CME).  Any commercial driver with an expired medical certificate must […]

Healthy Tips for Drivers

We all know that being an commercial truck driver leads to the potential of having one of today’s most unhealthy lifestyles. Sitting for long hours, eating quick and fast food that is generally high […]

2 Ways for Drivers to Use Margin of Safety Principles

“Margin of Safety” is a term that is used in many industries, from financial investing, to construction and structural engineering. Most basically, the margin of safety is the difference between the expected value/strength of […]

A Healthy Life for a Longer Road Ahead

Driver health is a continual point of concern in the trucking industry, and there is a constant need to address improving the health of professional drivers. Sitting for long periods of time coupled with […]

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