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How to Prevent Rear-End Crashes, with a Pop Quiz!

According to Great West Casualty Company, there are four types of critical crashes: run-under crashes (which we covered in a post at the end of 2013), lane change crashes, loss of control crashes, and […]

Facts on Decision Driving

Driving a CMV requires full concentration and attention and there are many decision making processes going on simultaneously. Time and motion studies have discovered that on average, a driver will make 160 driving decisions/mile. […]

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Safety Focus – Following Distance

With more and more commercial trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles and other vehicles using the roads each and every year, safety is a key topic that needs to be top of mind for all drivers.

There […]

Let’s Talk Safety: Tips on How to Prevent Crashes

Today’s blog post makes use of valuable information provided by insurance companies. Safety education is critical, and all members of the transportation industry need to work together to prevent crashes, eliminating unnecessary property damage […]