Carriers are constantly in motion.

From picking up loads to dropping off loads and everything in between, carriers are left with little downtime. With so many things to do — it’s no wonder why some carriers miss check-in calls.

Luckily, UWT has added a brand new feature to the UWT Carrier App that’s set to streamline the check-in process. Below, you’ll discover the Easy Check-In feature and how it benefits carriers nationwide.

Complete Your Check-In With The Push of a Button

Whether you’re picking up, in transit, or dropping off a load for delivery — it’s necessary to inform dispatchers of your whereabouts.

Transparency is a vital component of the trucking industry, which is why check-in calls exist in the first place. However, check-in calls eat away downtime and require carriers to stop what they are doing and complete the check-in process.

The Easy Check-In feature on the UWT Carrier App does away with inbound and outbound calls. Furthermore, the Easy Check-In feature is quick and easy to use.

Here are additional benefits of using the Easy Check-In feature of the UWT Carrier App:

  • Experience fewer interruptions during the day or night
  • Increase the overall speed of the pickup, in-transit, and delivery stages
  • Help maintain or improve your overall communication rating within the UWT Carrier rating system
  • Increase your overall visibility to clients

As you can see — there is a wide variety of advantages to using the new Easy Check-In feature. If you’re ready for an easy check-in process, it’s time to download the UWT Carrier app today.

The UWT Carrier App Does it All

Aside from the new Easy Check-In feature, the UWT Carrier app provides an endless array of useful tools.

Real-Time Load Availability

By using the UWT Carrier App, carriers will see all available loads in real-time.

In other words, you won’t have to waste another minute getting information on a new load. Instead, log into the UWT Carrier App and find an available load immediately.

Send Necessary Documents

The world is going digital, and United World Transportation’s Carrier App reinforces this idea by allowing carriers to send documents or comments via the Easy Check-In section.

Overall, the UWT Carrier App does away with scanning and all other forms of physical documentation. Instead, the UWT Carrier App paired with your smartphone is a powerful and efficient solution to sending necessary documents.

Experience the Easy Check-In Feature Today

With so many benefits, there’s no better time now to experience the Easy Check-In feature in the UWT Carrier App.

By reducing check calls and improving your overall efficiency, carriers within the UWT network enjoy fewer interruptions and more flexibility.

If you’re ready to leave traditional check calls behind, experience the Easy Check-In feature via the UWT Carrier App. To download the app: On iOS – UWT Carrier App; on Android – UWT Carrier App.

Once you’ve downloaded the UWT Carrier App, download the UWT App Guide for Carriers for a step-by-step guide on using each feature.

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