Although the trucking industry has witnessed several setbacks, such as supply chain disruptions, it’s clear that 2022 is full of exciting surprises regarding innovative trucking technology.

Below, you’ll discover next-gen trucking tech, from ELDs to self-driving trucks — and beyond.

Electronic Logging Device Upgrades for 2022

With the advent of electronic logging devices, truck drivers have a simple and intuitive method to log their hours of service (HOS).

However, recent advancements in technology are transforming how truck drivers interact with regulations. One example of an upcoming ELD provider is the Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere solution.

The Roadnet Anywhere solution benefits truckers and dispatching by:

  • Create efficient routes while tracking each driver’s exact location
  • Real-time orders and routes are delivered directly to mobile devices as they come in
  • Driver activities are easily monitored to enforce general compliance
  • All task lists are automatically uploaded to the driver

Overall, upcoming ELD solutions will increase the overall efficiency of the trucking industry as a whole. In our eyes, an efficient trucking industry can only lead to greener pastures from 2022 and beyond!

Self-Driving Trucks

The trucking industry has been fantasizing about the potential of self-driving trucks for years.

However, it’s clear that self-driving trucks are still a ways off. In any case, more companies are pivoting towards self-driving truck tech because they know it’s the trucking industry’s future.

One of the most notable brands is TuSimple, a tech startup that’s aiming to roll out its self-driving fleet by 2023. Although it’s still a year away, TuSimple is making leaps and bounds in self-driving tech for the trucking industry.

From high-tech sensors to cutting-edge algorithms, TuSimple is one of the handful of tech companies setting out to disrupt the trucking industry.

Electric Trucks

As the world grapples with climate change and the drastic effects that it causes — electric trucks are on everyone’s mind.

Currently, the global trucking industry accounts for roughly 8.26 gigatons of CO2 emissions annually. As supply chains become ever more crucial, greener technology isn’t just an option — it’s a necessity.

For these reasons, we (along with the rest of the trucking industry) are excited to see multiple electric truck reveals. So far, 2022 has unveiled three notable electric trucks, such as:

  • Kenworth T680E
  • Tesla Semi
  • Volvo VNR Electric

Ultimately, electric trucks will decrease fuel consumption, increase a driver’s range, and positively impact the environment while creating drastic savings across the trucking industry.

The Bright Future of the Trucking Industry

Overall, it’s safe to say that these three tech innovations aren’t the only examples that we’re excited about.

From collision mitigation systems to improved driver comfort, many upcoming innovations are transforming the trucking industry for the better. However, the examples we’ve listed will impact the entirety of the trucking industry.

As we continue to truck through 2022 and beyond, we’ll be surprised by how far the trucking industry has come in so little time.

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