Truck Drivers have been vital for keeping the country supplied with food, medicine, and goods during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the task hasn’t been easy, and truck drivers face new challenges in an already difficult job.

Although drivers are typically alone on the road, they are still at risk of exposure to COVID-19. Continue reading below to find out ten tips for truck drivers on how to stay safe during the pandemic.

10. Ventilate Your Cabin Regularly

When stopping at a truck stop or job site, make sure to ventilate your cabin. If the weather is good enough, open your windows and keep the air in your cabin from becoming stagnant.

9. Regularly Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces

Use disinfectant to wipe down the objects you touch most inside and outside of your truck. That includes door handles, steering wheel, scanners, radio, levers, and anything else often used.

8. Wear Gloves

Keep a box of disposable gloves with you and use them at gas stations, docks, sites, and terminals. Make sure to take them off and dispose of them in a separate trash bag or bin.

7. Disinfect or Wash Hands

Always wash your hands for at least 30 seconds when you enter or are about to return to your truck. If that’s not possible, then disinfecting your hands will work. However, washing is much more effective than disinfecting, so wash when you can.

6. Stay Inside Your Truck

When at job sites or loading docks, try to stay inside your cabin as much as you can. Avoid any unnecessary contact if you can avoid it.

5. Maintain Your Distance

If you need to get out of your truck and speak with someone, make sure to maintain at least a 6-foot distance. Always wear a mask when meeting with others, even when a reasonable distance is maintained.

4. Avoid Closed Rooms

At rest stops, try to get a takeout meal rather than eating inside. If you’re at a customer’s site, then try to avoid going into any enclosed rooms.

3. Bring A Pen

When signing transportation documents, use your own pen. Don’t share your pen or use anyone else’s and disinfect it after every use.

2. Be On The Lookout For Symptoms

If you or anyone you’re close with begins to show symptoms, immediately inform your employer. It’s best to play it safe during the pandemic to protect others. Symptoms to look out for include fever, dry cough, or a loss of taste and smell.

1. Avoid Shaking Hands

In these uncertain times, it’s best to avoid shaking hands with others. We know that it’s difficult not to exchange a friendly handshake during a meeting, but it’s not worth the risk. The virus can spread not only through coughing or sneezing but via direct contact too.

This Too Will Pass

We know that these tips may seem excessive and feel like too much effort, but your health and livelihood are too important. We need to keep in mind that these are temporary measures, and eventually the pandemic will pass, but for now, we need to stay safe and stay vigilant.

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