Being a professional truck driver comes with a stigma: that truck driving is not a wise or good long-term career choice. Long hours, weeks away from home, financial stresses, regulatory worries and the threat of automation are all major barriers to entry. But there are some key statistics that support truck driving as being a wise career choice where an individual can achieve long-term success.

Top 3 Statistics that Support A Truck Driving Career

  1. Job Security. Statistics point to a severe driver shortage in the trucking industry.The ATA (American Trucking Association) reports that there are more than 50,000 qualified drivers needed in the industry as of 2019. Additional industry sources say that that number is expected to grow to 174,000 drivers by 2026. With the amount of freight that is transported by truck, it’s vital to the economy that there are enough truck drivers to meet demand. Furthermore, the ATA notes that it takes 3.5 million truck drivers to transport the amount of freight necessary for the economy to continue to move. If you are choosing to go into this career, you can be certain that there will steady work. What’s more, with the power in the hands of prospective employees, you can pick what company you want to work for. Some of the deciding factors might be what pay, health benefits, and safety training they offer. Of if you are going the O/O route, check out our post, The 9 Things You Need if You Want to Become an Owner Operator.
  • Automation is a long way out. Automation and self-driving trucks are a topic that has been met with some fears from truck drivers and the transportation industry. Many believe that automation will lead to a drastic decline in jobs as self-driving truck replace driver jobs. But, there is no data to support an imminent threat from automation, and self-driving trucks does not mean completely driverless. A driver will still be needed in the vehicle for emergencies, for handling interstate exits, entrances, border transfers, and much more. Statistics are pointing to at least 10 to 15 years before autonomous trucks will even capture a significant share of the market. And even then, as we said before, drivers will not be out of work, they will just work differently.
  • Lucrative Pay. The potential for high earnings is there. Statistics show that on average a truck driver can make anywhere from $30,000 to $80,000 per year, with the average sitting at $45,570. This number depends on numerous factors, such as driver’s home base, cost of living, and type of cargo carried. For example, if a driver goes obtains a HAZMAT license, they can be in the position to earn significantly more money due to the higher level of responsibility associated with transporting hazardous materials. In addition, the level of experience can also be linked with income levels.

Truck driving is a great career choice! It offers job security, an opportunity to grow with technology, and lucrative pay. It is a career with multiple opportunities for training, growth, and benefits – all while getting to see the beautiful nation one mile at a time.

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