Perishable goods — such as food, beverages and certain pharmaceuticals — can’t be treated the same way other products are. It’s simply not possible to load these items into a container and ship them overseas like you would a washing machine or a television. Perishable goods require a consistently high level of care that includes keeping the temperature at a specific level. Cold chain logistics is a crucial element of numerous vital industries. Further, companies that provide these services must be capable of making the right choices with everything they transport. Mistakes made at any point along the shipping process could put public safety at risk as well as hurt a business’s profitability.

One of the most critical aspects of the cold chain is selecting the proper mode of transportation. Depending on the cargo and the circumstances, transportation can have a tremendous impact on the security, efficiency and reliability of the entire process. It can mean the difference between goods arriving on time and being delayed. It also can have a direct influence on the costs of shipping these sensitive items. For the sake of their budgets and reputations, logistics providers must take these factors into consideration whenever transporting perishable items.

For example, refrigerated trucks and vans have the advantage of offering greater flexibility than other modes. Drivers can adjust their routes to compensate for potential delays, and companies have more options when it comes to the size of their loads. However, this method doesn’t offer as much security as transporting via air freight. This is due to the heightened levels of protection offered by airports when compared to over-the-road distribution centers.

Don’t allow your sensitive goods to be put at risk. For more points regarding the right method of transportation for your cold chain products, see the accompanying guide created by QProducts & Services. And remember, UWT offers both refrigerated over-the-road and intermodal methods of transportation to offer our customer partners more choice and flexibility!

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