As everyone in the trucking industry knows, truckers are essential to the economy. They are the country’s lifeblood as they move goods and medicines nationwide.

After all, it’s estimated that trucks move $10.4 trillion worth of goods across the country each year. However, many regulations make truckers feel like they’re not as important as they are.

That’s why regulators need to step up and fix various issues facing truck drivers. To find out the top 5 things regulators need to improve, then continue reading below.

5. The Trucker Shortage

It almost goes without saying that the trucker shortage is a real problem. You’ve likely heard about the shortage for many years now—and it’s only getting worse.

Despite an increase in median income, the demand for drivers hasn’t risen. Although regulators have tried, it needs to get younger drivers on the road.

4. Make it Harder to Misclassify Drivers

Shipping companies are abusing many truck drivers by being misclassified. Shipping companies often pay a driver as an independent contractor, although they’re technically an employee.

That means drivers don’t get the full benefits of employment. Although there are regulations against it, it’s still common in the industry.

3. Truck Parking

Finding a place for a trucker to stop and rest is becoming more and more difficult. There is simply not enough space for truckers to pull over and take their mandatory rest breaks.

That forces some truckers to stop and rest at a potentially dangerous location. Other times, truckers will burn fuel and waste time looking for an adequate space to stop.

Regulators need to get a move on and fix the truck parking situation because the problem affects everyone, not just truck drivers.

2. Crumbling Infrastructure

If you’re a trucker, then the poor state of US infrastructure is nothing new to you. You’ve likely been delayed or re-routed due to crumbling roads, bridges, or tunnels.

Having safe and reliable infrastructure makes trucking much easier and safer. Truckers will experience fewer delays, and the job overall will become much safer.

Although the Infrastructure Bill was passed in Congress, it may be a long time until we see the benefits of this plan.

1. Make Trucking Regulations Consistent

In the US, trucking regulations are constantly being changed. Hours-of-service (HOS), electronic logging requirements, and minimum wage are all constantly shifting.

Although changes can be made for the better, it can be hard to keep up with each new regulation. That makes it more and more difficult to drive ‘by the books.’

Regulators should try to make regulations more consistent and more clear nationwide. It can be frustrating to try and keep up with laws that are constantly changing.

Truckers Are Essential

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the general public realized just how essential truckers are. Without them, the flow of goods would come to a halt.

It’s time that truckers were treated as essential and for many problems in the industry to be fixed. Although many issues are being worked on, there’s still a long way to go.

Make sure that you contact your state’s Department of Transportation or local congresspeople to voice your support or concern about upcoming regulations.

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