The trucking industry, like many others, is dominated by large companies. In the industry, these companies are known as mega carriers.

If you’re a trucker, then there’s a good chance you work or have worked for one of these companies. However, there seems to be a shift away from mega carriers.

Truckers seem to be ditching big carriers at a high rate and heading over to smaller companies. The reasons many truckers are moving on to smaller companies may surprise you.

If you’re curious about why truckers are moving to smaller carriers, then read the 7 reasons why below.

7. Poor Treatment

Many truckers feel like they’re treated poorly by mega carriers. After all, these companies have thousands of employees.

That means that truckers often feel like an expendable resource at these companies. Truckers feel that smaller companies treat them as people instead of a ‘number.’

6. Payment

As one trucker put it, mega carriers want to pay truckers’ peanuts.’ Although the median salary is up, truckers still feel like big shippers aren’t paying them their fair share.

That’s why they’re heading to smaller carriers who will pay them a better wage.

5. Rising Spot Rates

Over the pandemic and after, spot rates have soared to unprecedented levels. That means that many truckers have bought their own trucks to become independent owner-operators.

That way, they can chase the high spot rates and get paid more per mile. Also, they can be more flexible in ways they can’t be at mega carriers.

4. Switch to Short-Haul

Many truckers are now moving away from the intensity of long-haul trucking to short haul. The lifestyle of long-haul trucking can be too difficult to manage.

Some truckers want to have more time with their families or not be as stressed out. That’s why they’re abandoning mega carriers and heading to small short-haul companies.

3. Inflexibility

Although working at large carriers should have some flexibility, they often don’t. The structure within these large carriers is always more rigid than at small shippers.

That’s why truckers who are looking for more flexibility will go with a smaller company. That, or they’ll move on to becoming an independent owner-operator.

2. No Recognition

At a mega carrier, it’s hard to stand out. Unless you’re really going above and beyond or doing a terrible job, no one will know.

Mega carriers have so many employees that you can’t really get any recognition. That makes for an environment of just doing a good enough job.

There’s no reason to do a better job if there’s no recognition or reward. At smaller carriers, it’s much easier to get recognized since there are fewer drivers.

1. Community

Perhaps the biggest reason many truckers are leaving large shippers is because of a sense of community. You’re just one trucker in a sea of thousands at mega carriers.

There’s no sense of community or belonging to the company. You’re just there to get your paycheck, and it’s hard to make any real connections.

Being at a smaller company allows for a more human approach.

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