The start of June has been all about safety. On Monday, we hosted our second Driver Appreciation Day at TC Trans where we held a session going over Pre-Trip inspection essentials. Stay tuned next week for the video! This week has also marked the 27th annual Roadcheck blitz, with roadside inspections happening at various locations all over North America. One of the most important things to remember with all the safety talk going around this week is that safety begins and ends with you, the driver.

Our top priority is to avoid injuries, accidents and any other issues while out on the road. We know that years of knowledge, skill and experience help drivers accomplish this, but that there are new challenges and unique circumstances that arise every day that can throw them off. Some of these challenges may include: long and unstructured work days, sitting for long periods of time, limited food options, and working conditions that pose risks for illness or injury. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck transportation has an injury rate that is 30% higher than other US industries. That being said, almost all injuries that do occur can be prevented with preparation, communication, and proper maintenance. Below, 5 key tips for how to accomplish this:

  • Use the 3 points of contact rule for climbing in and out of a truck. Jumping down from more than one step has been proven to lead to long term damage of joints, and can cause immediate painful strains and sprains.
  • Keep the trailer and tractor clean and tidy. Grease on the steps or trailer walks can be slippery, and debris on or in the trailer can lead to injury very easily.
  • Wear clothing that allows for movement and wear proper footwear that is designed for walking or climbing (with a steel toe for extra protection). Take care not to step in diesel or grease or anything else that can leave the shoe’s sole slippery.
  • Be aware of your surroundings – lighting inside and outside the truck and trailer should be up to regulatory standards, and adequate enough to identify hazards. Keep aware of how weather conditions will affect your mobility: high winds can cause loss of balance, while snow, ice and rain make surfaces slippery. Site conditions should also be noted: pot holes, uneven ground and loose concrete should be approached with caution or avoided if possible.
  • Plan in advance: take a few minutes during each loading and unloading situation to communicate with others to safety transfer freight to or from the trailer; by reducing the number of times entering and exiting the truck cab, and climbing on and off the back end of the trailer, you eliminate situations that may cause injury.

With Roadcheck coming to a close tonight, drivers and carrier companies will be given areas that they need to work on to ensure safety while on the road. The most important thing to remember is to keep these tips up year round to increase your safety and success!

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