DRIVER APPRECIATION DAY! The 2nd Driver Appreciation Day is happening on June 2nd, 2014 at TC Trans! There will be a delicious Mexican-style breakfast served, a chance to take a survey, and to participate in our Pre-Trip Inspection Essentials Session. Click here for more details! We hope to see you there, it’s not to be missed!


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ROADCHECK 2014! The blitz will be on next week! Now in its 27th year, Roadcheck is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles in the world. Approximately 17 trucks are inspected every minute throughout Canada, the US, and Mexico during the 72 hour period. This year, Roadcheck is happening from June 3rd – 5th. Local, state, provincial and federal inspectors will be out at 1,500 locations to perform truck and bus inspections, primarily North American Standard Level 1 Inspections. The areas that inspectors pay special attention to:

  • Seatbelt use
  • Obeying Speed limits, maintaining a safe following distance, and safe lane changes
  • Avoid/Minimize in-truck distractions
  • Logbooks
  • Brakes
  • Coupling Devices
  • Fuel & Exhaust Systems
  • Frame, Van, & Open-Top Trailers (for cracks and corrosion)
  • Lighting
  • Securement of Cargo
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Tires, Wheels, Rims & Hubs

So far, the event has saved over 250 lives and 4,500 injuries have been avoided. So, make sure you are ready for this year’s Roadcheck next Tuesday to Thursday; remember, BEING PUT OUT OF SERVICE COSTS AN AVERAGE OF $861!

For more info on Roadcheck 2013, visit the CVSA’s website, and download their Tip Sheet for Drivers, and their Roadcheck Roadmap.

One key way to be prepared for Roadcheck (and year-round) is to do a pre-trip inspection of the condition of your vehicle prior to setting out on your trip. Come by TC Trans on Monday June 2nd and participate in our Pre-Trip Inspection Essentials Session!

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