With some many intricacies in transportation, we often get overwhelmed with regulations, loading specifications, technology, supply chain planning, and of course, the financials of all of this. Most of our weekly posts center around one or two of these details.

But taking a step back, we are all in this industry to get fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm to the plate.

So, let’s take a look at what’s moving right now:

Commodity Quality Movement
Apples Good Steady
Asparagus Good Lower
Avocadoes – California Good Steady
Avocadoes – Mexican Good Steady
Bell Peppers – Eastern Region Good Steady
Bell Peppers – Western Region Good Steady
Blackberries Fair Higher
Blueberries Good Steady
Broccoli Good Higher
Cantaloupe Melons Excellent Steady
Carrots Good Steady
Cauliflower Fair Higher
Celery Good Steady
Cucumbers – Eastern Region Average Higher
Cucumbers – Western Region Good Steady
Eggplant – Eastern Region Good Higher
Eggplant – Western Region Good Higher
Green Grapes Excellent Steady
Green Onions Good Steady
Honeydew Melons Excellent Steady
Iceberg Lettuce Fair Higher
Leaf Lettuce Fair Steady
Lemons Fair Higher
Onions Good Steady
Oranges Good Higher
Pears Good Lower
Potatoes Fair Steady
Raspberries Good Steady
Red Grapes Excellent Steady
Squash – Eastern Region Fair Higher
Squash – Western Region Good Higher
Stone Fruit Excellent Steady
Strawberries Fair Higher
Tomatoes – Eastern Region Good Steady
Tomatoes – Western Region Good Higher
Watermelon Good Higher

*Resource: Commodities at a glance section of The Source for Aug 14, 2013.

End goal of the produce industry: bring the farm to the plate of as many people as possible! And, August is a great time to enjoy some end of summer favorites: green or red grapes, cantaloupes, and honeydews are all great additions to salads for the season; or add a plum, apricot, nectarine, peach or some cherries to your lunch!

What’s on your plate and how can we help get it there?

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