The UWT Carrier App has been active for over a year! We trust users are happy with their app experience so far and we look forward to getting more carriers on board. With that in mind, we wanted to review some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the UWT Carrier App.

What is the UWT Carrier App?

Our carrier focused app allows you to snap up load opportunities before any of your competitors! It is designed to easily let our trusted carrier partners who are on the go apply for available loads from a smartphone or similar digital device! If you are a new or active carrier with a valid email address in our system, you will be able to register in seconds.

What does the UWT App offer?

  • Blog articles: great topics are featured weekly, from loading procedures, regulatory information and market updates.
  • Push notifications: we do daily notifications to give you a snapshot of current available loads, new opportunities, and critical carrier info.

I am a carrier who has just registered with UWT and have not done any loads yet. Why should I download the app?

  • Download the app! It will give you more and regular visibility of our load offerings. Having done none or only a few loads with UWT does not give you a good understanding of what types of loads and lanes we run. The app will show you all of that.
  • Our Sales department and especially our Capacity Managers want to engage with you! The app provides a way to have regular contact with one of our Capacity Managers, especially if you flag loads.

I am a carrier who used to do a lot of business with UWT, but don’t anymore. Why should I download the app?

  • Our Sales department and especially our Capacity Managers want to re-engage with you! Many times, one of our previous Capacity Managers has transferred ownership to a new Capacity Manager, and by using the app, you can communicate with your new Capacity Manager and the entire sales team.
  • Our sales team wants to load you more frequently.

I am a regular carrier who gets weekly loads with UWT. Why should I download the app?

  • We have more features than just current load availability (as listed above), and we are continually looking to add more features! Be the first to know by having the app!
  • You will have access to information on new lanes and rates that you currently don’t run regularly with UWT.
  • When load volumes are low, we post to the app primarily and not to external load boards.

How do I know if I have the latest version?

We send email updates when a new version of the app is available for you to download. Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing!

What If I’m Having Problems with the App?

Contact our in-office App guy, Rodrigo. You can reach him at extension 110. He’ll be happy to help!

What if I Have a Suggestion for the App?

Contact our Marketing Manager, Kat. You can reach her at extension 105, or at . We always welcome our carrier’s suggestions!

The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes store and is compatible with the majority of modern Android and iPhone smartphones.

  • Install Android UWT app ➡
  • Install iOS app ➡

Take advantage of opportunities while you are on the go! Download the UWT App today!

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