Being a Fleet Manager is hard enough without having to worry about unreliable truckers and employees. As a result, here we offer you some tips for improving your chances of hiring good drivers.

Performance-based pay

Although you are required to pay your drivers a minimum wage (whatever that may be) more and more forward-thinking fleets are giving their drivers bonuses if they behave in ways which help to save the fleet money and improve their bottom line. For example, you may offer bonuses to drivers who drive safely and consume fuel efficiently.

Do some research

Before looking for new drivers, consider asking your existing drivers what they want themselves! A simple meeting or survey could make this easy, allowing your drivers to comment on things which would boost their own morale. Whether it’s informal or formal, asking your employees what they want is the cornerstone of any successful business. Although some things (such as higher pay) may seem obvious, other things may surprise you.

Be honest about the job description

If you trap a new recruit into a driver role by promising them one thing and giving them another, you’re obviously going to damage their morale and trust. Be honest about the job description and what it entails, even if it’s not all glamorous. Lying about your driver positions in order to attract people will simply lead to people leaving and your company garnering a bad reputation among the trucking community. Drivers know that their jobs aren’t always going to be easy, so don’t promote your positions through rose-tinted glasses.

Look after your drivers’ health

Sitting in a truck all day is obviously not the healthiest way to spend a day, and more and more fleets are taking note of their drivers’ health and wellbeing. On-site gyms, in-truck exercise equipment, health programs and health screenings are becoming more visible in forward-thinking trucking companies, and these aspects could be attractive for more health-conscious drivers.

Allow your drivers to get home more often

Fleets that have low turnovers tend to be fleets which allow their drivers to get home more often, fostering a greater work/life balance for the driver at hand. Although this is not necessarily an easy accomplishment, using modern route planning and cutting-edge logistics systems could help you to plan routes which allow drivers to be at home more often, resulting in a boost for morale.

Create schedules in advance

Although things can always change at the last minute, try to create rotas and schedules in advance which allow your drivers to plan their lives around their work days and when they’ll be at home. Using schedule systems which allow your drivers to have more autonomy over their free time can undoubtedly boost their loyalty to your fleet, as it shows that you appreciate their right to free time which isn’t governed by their job.

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