One of the most prevalent issues facing truck drivers daily is parking shortage.

Although the general public is unaware, truckers are constantly faced with the dilemma of parking. As the need for truck drivers increases — so do the number of trucks on the road.

Thus, the supply crunch of available parking spaces for commercial trucks is ever increasing. Below, we’ll discuss how the truck parking shortage negatively affects truckers across the US.

The Number of Parking Spaces Doesn’t Lie

Truckers across the US are constantly looking for a space to park their rig.

Luckily, it’s not just truckers that have noticed this problem. The ATA and OOIDA have noted that it’s not just a feeling that truck parking spaces are limited — it’s all based on simple math.

As it stands, the United States offers a total of 313,000 parking spaces. There are more than 3.5 million truck drivers in the US. As you can see — there’s a massive gap between available parking and truck drivers.

With these numbers in mind, there is one parking space for 11 truckers. Ultimately, this is an unfeasible number that negatively impacts all 3.5 million truck drivers.

The Effects of Limited Truck Parking

Below, we’ll briefly discuss the effects of limited truck parking.

Unsafe Parking Locations

One of the most notable effects of limited truck parking is it forces truck drivers to park in illegal or unsafe locations.

From increased robbery to citations, truck drivers are forced to make ends meet regardless of the outcome. Thus, limited parking for truck drivers puts them in harm’s way.

Mental and Physical Health

When truck drivers can’t find suitable parking — they are forced to go out of their way to locate a parking location.

Ultimately, truck drivers’ mental and physical health deteriorates because they are forced to move to isolated parking spaces. Specifically, truck drivers that cannot find suitable parking usually have no other recourse than searching in an outskirt area.

Wasted Time

According to industry experts, truck drivers lose an estimated 50-minutes due to limited truck parking.

Not only does this loss of time affect the driver — it affects the entire supply chain as well. From logistics planners to clients, lost time due to limited parking costs a lot of money.

How to Improve the Truck Parking Shortage

Luckily, a few necessary improvements on the state and federal levels would alleviate the truck parking shortage in the US.

Funding is the first step to any meaningful improvement in the truck parking shortage. Without funding, the initiative is a lost cause.

Therefore, state and federal lawmakers must come together to ensure additional funding for truck parking. By increasing trucking parking capacity, truck drivers will readily find parking without wasting ample time.

However, not all aspects of the truck parking shortage can be solved by constructing more parking. The near future holds many new methods for creating a more efficient trucking industry.

However, the truck parking shortage is currently the most obvious bottleneck. As long as the trucking industry, state, and federal lawmakers come together — truck drivers will always find a place to park.

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