From the United States to the rest of the globe, trucking positions are not being filled at an alarming rate.

What was initially called a shortage is now being elevated to a crisis. The ongoing trucker shortage is incredibly disruptive to the economy, from supply shortages to delayed deliveries.

If you’re ready to learn how to attract and retain truck drivers for your trucking company — read along. Soon, you’ll learn the 7 best tips for recruiting truck drivers amidst the ongoing trucker shortage.

1. Use Your Online Presence

Your online presence is one of the most important yet least used recruitment tools.

From your website to ads, your online presence is an important factor when it comes to attracting truckers to your company. Paid Google ads are a great starting point because they cast a wide net for prospective truckers in your area.

Additionally, your website should be up to date. Truckers may not want to work for your company if your website hasn’t been updated in years. In other words, a clean and clear website that’s easy to navigate makes your company more enticing.

2. Provide Training and Educational Opportunities

Truckers are more likely to choose your company if you provide training and educational opportunities.

If your company provides in-depth training, it’s more likely that a potential trucker will stick around. Additionally, providing education and training takes a large chunk of the financial obligation off the shoulders of potential truckers, thus making it more likely for them to stay with your company.

Most top trucking firms in the United States offer on-site training and education. If your business wants to remain relevant — it must adapt by providing training and education as an added perk.

3. Leverage Hiring Tools

Online recruiting apps are one of the best ways to hire truckers in 2022.

The days of paper applications and downloadable PDFs are in the past. If you’re ready to get truckers hired and onboard as soon as possible — it’s time to fast-forward to the present with online recruiting software.

4. Diversify Your Workforce

The trucking industry is rapidly changing for the better.

If you want to retain and attract new hires — you must seek diversity in your workforce. From women to POC, your company must seek new demographics.

Ultimately, trucking companies that refuse to reach out to a diverse group of individuals will find a limited pool of applicants compared to those willing to reduce their bias.

5. Listen to Your Employees

An essential method in retaining and attracting new hires is by listening to the concerns of your truckers.

Whether they require more rest breaks or better training — you must provide them with everything they need to feel comfortable while on and off the job. Ultimately, you want to ensure your employees feel safe and heard while working for your company.

6. Provide a Positive Work Culture

A big opportunity to attract and retain new truck drivers in 2022 is by creating a positive work environment.

Your workforce should feel accepted and happy, from workplace sensitivity training to company-wide events. Studies show that positive work culture increases efficiency and long employee retention time.

7. Don’t Rely on a Single Recruiting Method

Last but not least is to never rely on a single recruiting method.

By implementing multiple recruiting methods, you’ll find a wide range of new truckers ready to take on the task with your company. From financial incentives to increased diversity, you must use many methods to ensure you hire enough truckers for 2022 and beyond.

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