July is upon us, and it’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2012 already!!! This coming week will be filled with National celebrations as Sunday marks Canada Day, and Wednesday is the Fourth of July in the United States. The weekend is sure to be filled with plenty of barbeques and fireworks; so, let’s take a look at the movement of some of the July BBQ favorites that the produce industry brings to the table:

  • Corn: The great BBQ staple!!! There is strong demand for corn at this time of year across the Nation, and quality is predicted to be very good. In Georgia, trading is fairly active, with higher prices noted. Many shipments out of this area have been pre-committed at lower prices. In the Central District of California, movement is on the seasonal increase and quality is good. In Eastern Virginia, the harvest is just beginning and growers report the crop is progressing well and is in good condition.
  • Cherries: Now coming into season in our neck of the woods! While the shipping season is winding down in the San Joaquin Valley of California, movement is expected to increase sharply out of the Yakima Valley and Wenatchee Districts, with trading noted as being active as the harvest picks up. Quality and size out of this area are both being reported as generally good. 
  • Watermelon: A front-runner for eating contests this weekend! While Florida and Nogales shippers are winding down, supplies are still steady out of Georgia, and are increasing out of Texas, the San Joaquin Valley, North & South Carolina, and Missouri. Tropical storm Debby is bringing heavy rains to Florida and Georgia, but does not seem to be affecting Watermelon crops as most field harvesting is completed in these areas.
  • Blueberries: Blueberries are always a favorite in the summertime, and their role in the red, white, and blue themed displays for US July 4th ensure strong demand. Movement is decreasing out of New Jersey, Southern & Central California, and Georgia. Movement is staying steady out of North Carolina, and kicking into high gear in Oregon, Washington and Michigan.

Enjoy your start of July Celebrations!! Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July; have fun, enjoy your fruits and vegetables, and be safe!!

Did you know??

Canada is turning 145 on Sunday!! And, The United States is celebrating 236 years of independence this Wednesday! And not to forget about Mexico, they will be celebrating 202 years on Sept 16th!!!!! We think we all look great for our age(s)!!!

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