Preparing your truck for winter conditions is one of the easiest ways to prevent breakdowns when the roads become snowy and hazardous. Taking preventive action and preparing ahead of time is the best way to ensure that you don’t get caught out, and herewe offer you some tips for preparing your truck for the winter.

Get the truck serviced

If your truck is duesome maintenance or a service, get it done before the winter strikes, as the harsh conditions are likely to aggravate any current problems which the truck is experiencing. A pre-winter servicing can also help to spot any issues which would be exacerbated by cold temperatures and ice, such as low antifreeze levels.

Take care of the battery

Your truck’s battery is abused throughout the winter – not only do the cold temperatures make it less efficient, but you are also more likely to be using your truck’s lights and heating, putting extra strain on the battery. Of course, just in case, you should always keep some jump start cables around just in case your truck needs a jump start due to a dead battery!

Fill up on engine coolant/antifreeze

Topping up your truck’s engine with coolant and antifreeze is one of the most essential aspects of preparing your truck for winter conditions. Although it is often recommended to mix antifreeze with water during the summer, you should increase this ratio in antifreeze’s favorduring the winter. Too little antifreeze in your truck’s engine will see it freezing up more easily, leading to a cornucopia of problems.

Look after your tires

Winter, of course, brings snow and ice to the roads, as well as all of the salt designed to reduce slipperiness. Ensure that the pressure and tread depth of your tires are optimal, with greater tread depths meaning greater grip in winter conditions. If you have the option of buying purpose-built winter tires for your truck, we would strongly recommend that you do so.

Carry emergency supplies

Despite preparing your truck for winter conditions, disaster can always strike at the most inopportune moment and you may find yourself broken down in the middle of nowhere. As a result, you should carry emergency supplies for both your truck and yourself. For example, be sure to keep de-icing fluids and scrapers for your windshield, as well as copious amounts of antifreeze. For yourself, you should keep a torch, shovel, warm blanket, food/drink, highly-visible clothing, a well-charged cell phone, and shoes which are apt for walking through thick snow.

When it comes to preparing your truck for winter conditions, the best thing is to use common sense before setting off! For example, allow yourself adequate time to drive more slowly than usual and be sure to check out the safest routes beforehand. If one route is 30 minutes longer than anotherbut allows you to miss out lots of treacherous and potentially icy roads, then the longer route may be the best option for your own safety.

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