Welcome to our first blog post of 2016! A new year always means that truck engines and their TRUs will potentially be subject to becoming California compliant. January is always a good time to review the CARB regulations that most affect the produce transportation industry, which are the TRU, Truck and Bus, and Drayage Regulations.

Refrigerated Transportation

TRU Regulation Compliance

Below is the Compliance schedule for TRUs (Transportation Refrigeration Units/Reefers) that operate in California:

July 31, 2009 All California-based TRUs must be registered with ARB.  Initial Operator Report must also be submitted by this date.
August 2009 ARB staff began field enforcement for registration of all California-based TRUs.
December 31, 2009 Model year (MY) 2001 and older and MY 2002 engines must meet the Low-Emission TRU (LETRU) In-Use Performance Standard.
January 2010 In-Use Performance Standard enforcement began.
December 31, 2010 MY 2003 engines must meet either LETRU or the Ultra-Low-Emission TRU (ULETRU) In-Use Standard (Enforcement begins March 31, 2011)
December 31, 2011 MY 2004 engines less than 25 hp must meet LETRU or ULETRU.  MY 2004 engines 25 hp and greater must meet ULETRU
December 31, 2012 MY 2005 engines must meet ULETRU.
December 31, 2013 MY 2006 engines must meet ULETRU.
December 31, 2014 MY 2007 engines must meet ULETRU.
December 31, 2015 MY 2008 engines must meet ULETRU.
December 31, 2016 MY 2009 engines must meet ULETRU.
December 31, 2017 MY 2010 engines must meet ULETRU.  MY 2003 engines that met LETRU on 2010 must meet ULETRU
December 31, 2018 MY 2011 engines must meet ULETRU.  MY 2004 less than 25 hp engines that met LETRU on 2011 must meet ULETRU
December 31, 2019 MY 2012 engines must meet ULETRU.

For now, any refrigeration unit that is 2010 or newer are fully compliant.  In order to show compliance, carrier must enter their TRU’s with the CARB board, and can do so online on the CARB’s TRU website at http://www.arb.ca.gov/arber/arber.htm.

200069057-001Truck and Bus Regulation Compliance

The regulation applies to nearly all privately and federally owned diesel fueled trucks and buses and to privately and publicly owned school buses with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 14,000lbs:

  • Truck engines that are 1995 or older are NOW required to update their truck motor to 2010 year or newer.
  • Truck engines that are 1996 to 2006 require a PM filter to be compliant
  • Truck engines that are 2007 and newer are fully compliant

Carriers can check their compliance status and report by visiting the CARB’s Truck and Bus Reporting System website at https://ssl.arb.ca.gov/ssltrucrstb/trucrs_reporting/login.php

Port truck

Port/Drayage Truck Compliance

All drayage trucks must be registered prior to port or rail yard entry, and follow these regulations:

  • Truck Engine model years that are 2006 or older are not allowed in port or rail yards.
  • Owners of Drayage Trucks with Engine Model Year 2007 or newer are fully compliant until December 31, 2022 for ports and rail yards in California. Simply register with the DTR for port or rail yard entry.
  • Starting January 1, 2023, trucks must have 2010 Model Year or newer engine to continue entering ports and rail yards.

Carriers can register their drayage truck, check status, and lookup exemption guidelines by visiting the CARB’s drayage website at: http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/onroad/porttruck/porttruck.htm

Carriers! Don’t forget to double check your older trucks and TRU’s to ensure they are compliant and registered. And be reminded, that there are several CARB regulations in effect with wide-ranging penalties for violations. So, make sure your CMV is in compliance for travelling in California! To make sure your equipment is compliant with these regulations, visit the CARB website www.arb.ca.gov and click on The Truck Stop, contact the ARB Diesel Hotline at 1-866-6-DIESEL or email .

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