Tuesday’s visit out to the local stores was right in line with the summer months, and many retailers were really showcasing seasonal favorites for this week’s festivities. Out here in the West, a strong high pressure ridge is bringing a significant warmup to our entire region, with temperatures ranging from the upper 70s to mid-90s. As for trucks, experts note that they will be tight throughout this week in CA due to the 4th of July holiday. ID and WA trucks remain steady. Here’s what stood out this month in the produce department:

1024px-Red-PlumsStone Fruit – there were adequate volumes of plums, nectarines, and peaches this week. Experts note that peaches and nectarines are steady to lower on their pricing, with sizes tending to be on the larger side; demand is also steady and quality is noted as very good. As for plums, the market seems to be settling down a bit, and experts note that there is still great availability for both red and black varieties. Sizing for plums is also trending towards larger, but availability for all sizes is noted as good.

Lemon-Whole-SplitLemons – due to the drought conditions in CA, there is not enough supply to meet current demand. Locally, most US lemons were small in size and volume; as such, we are seeing better quality product from Australia, South Africa, Chile and Spain in stores to help fill supply gaps and meet demand. Experts note that for CA product, the crop is peaking on sizing at 140 or smaller. Very good demand is not a good sign for CA, where continuing drought conditions in growing areas means that production will yield both less fruit and smaller size growth. This situation is unfortunately expected to last into the Fall.


Watermelon cross Date 1 July 2015, 18:47:57 Source Own work Author Prathyush Thomas

Watermelons – there was a good number of both large and mini varieties in the stores for customers to enjoy this holiday week. Experts note that production crossing from Nogales is finished, and most product coming in bins from this area are being packed upon request. Light supplies are now coming from Southern CA, Southern TX and GA. Due to this transition, supplies are lighter, demand is high, which of course means we can expect to see higher pricing.

So, that’s what we saw for the start of July! Remember, you can always contact our sales team  if you would like to discuss any changes to buying patterns, introduction of new crops, and how we can help you with your operations and shifts in truck capacity.

We wish all of our US friends a happy and safe 4th of July Weekend! Get out there and enjoy the hot weather with some fruits and veggies of the season!

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