Legal issues are one of a fleet manager’s worst nightmares, and unfortunately, they can happen anytime.

Luckily, there are simple ways you can reduce liability risks. Of course, you can never be covered for everything, but a little bit of proactive management will go a long way.

Continue reading below to find out how to be prepared for liability by following these management tips.

Use Analytic Technologies to Monitor Driver Behavior

Often, accidents happen because of unsafe driving or risky driving behavior. Legal troubles often come from accidents caused by drivers.

Fortunately, safety technologies are now available to help monitor driving performance. Sensors and video analytics will gather information on a driver’s performance, especially if they make unsafe maneuvers.

This can be a lifesaver because you can coach drivers on how they can improve. After all, many accidents are entirely avoidable with the right training.

If you have trusted drivers with a good track record, this may not be necessary. However, these tools are useful for new drivers so they won’t develop bad driving habits.

On top of that, fleet management software and analytic technologies show your companies’ compliance. For instance, GPS data helps you keep track of trucks and alert you when things go wrong.

The faster you can respond to a situation, the better the outcome will be if you find your company facing litigation.

Make an All-Encompassing Driver Safety Policy

Not only do you need to communicate with your drivers about a safety policy, but you need to put it in writing. A comprehensive safety policy is crucial for any trucking company.

This safety policy should include maintenance schedules, best practices, and how to report traffic violations. Your safety policy should be your most comprehensive document.

Consider installing an electronic logging device (ELD) in your trucks if you don’t already have them. These logs will keep track of hours recorded to be sure that your drivers aren’t exceeding their hours of service.

Having a safety policy and an ELD will be your best allies against negligence charges when dealing with insurance companies lawyers and judges.

Brush up on Training

Setting up regularly scheduled training for your drivers is an excellent way to reduce your liability risk. Online training programs can help your drivers improve their skills and drop unsafe driving habits.

Even if you feel like your driver doesn’t need training, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Just because a driver has never had an accident doesn’t mean that they’re immune.

On top of that, sometimes driving laws are changing, or better practices are adopted. Any driver can learn something new, and that’s always a positive thing.

Training will help them become better drivers, which will help your company immensely in the long run. It also shows insurance companies that your trucking company is involved with driver safety.

Prevent Rather Than Treat

As the old saying goes, prevention is the best medicine, and the phrase also applies to liabilities. You should always try to prevent litigation with good driver training and management.

Of course, unexpected situations can arise out of nowhere, but being prepared will help your company come out unscathed.

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