Technology is making life on the road easier and less solitary for drivers. Apps such as Skype, Facebook, and Twitter are a key ways to stay socially connected to family, friends, and colleagues. Technology has also played a key role in increasing the productivity of trucking operations. Pegasus Transtech is one company who has facilitated this, with their TRANSFLO Express truck stop Scanning and TRANSFLO Mobile Scanning Services. UWT has had both these services available to our drivers for several years. United World Transportation’s TRANSFLO program makes it easy for drivers to send in-transit paperwork such as border crossing documents, and send invoice documents to get paid faster; it is easy to use & convenient, and provides clear documents at a lower cost option vs. faxing. Here’s the run down on the services:

transflo-express-dsc03510TRANSFLO Express Truck stop Scanning

By using TRANSFLO Express, you can have a trained cashier scan your paperwork and send it to United World Transportation.






Here’s how it works:

  • You hand your trip documents and the UWT Tripsheet to a trained cashier.
  • Don’t forget to include your UWT deal # on your tripsheet (or provide this verbally to the cashier), this allows us to process your paperwork faster!
  • The fleet ID to use for UWT is UWCL.
  • The cashier scans the trip documents. For the typical trip, this takes less than a minute.
  • The cashier prints a confirmation, staples it to the trip documents and hands all paperwork back.
  • Your scanned delivery documents are transmitted to a data centers and delivered electronically to UWT.
  • Your trip documents are available to UWT immediately for customs clearance, or for billing & payroll processing.

TRANSFLO Mobile Scanning

transflo mobileBy using TRANSFLO Mobile, you can use your smartphone to send your paperwork to UWT, whenever and wherever you are.







Here’s how this service works:

  • Go to either the Apple App Store, or the Android Google Play Store, and download TRANSFLO Mobile for free.
  • Add the UWT “Fleet”. On home page click Edit Settings; Tap the “+”  on the upper right hand of screen; add the UWT Fleet ID “UWCL”; click next. Add Your  “Driver ID” which is your Carrier Company name, and tap Next.
  • *Note: If you have multiple fleets set up, always remember to select your correct fleet before scanning documents.
  • Start Scan. For optimal images, place document on a flat, dark surface and take picture in a bright well lit space.
  • Quality check the image. After the cropping screen that includes the orange borders and hands, click “Continue” to accept the screen. On the following screen, double tap the image to zoom in. Check the quality on the image to ensure text and numbers are legible. If legible click “Accept”, if it is not legible click “Discard” and retake the picture. If you have multiple pages, simply take photos of all pages and submit when images of all pages have been taken.
  • Once you hit “Submit”, your documents are available to UWT immediately for customs clearance, or for billing & payroll processing
  • A unique Confirmation Number will be displayed on your phone screen and an email confirmation will also be sent.

With Pegasus Transtech’s acquisition of TripPak, TripPak Mobile customers can migrate to TRANSFLO Mobile! In addition, the TRANSFLO Express truck stop network has expanded, and is now available at more than 1,000 trucks stops across the United States and Canada; this includes all Pilot, Flying J, Love’s, TA’s locations along with many independent locations.

UWT charges a nominal fee of $1.00 per TRANSLFO transaction (wither Express truck stop scanning, or Mobile) that will be deducted from your final load settlement when we processes your payment, to help share the cost of this great service. This fee, which is lower than the competition, helps cover the administrative costs of processing your paperwork. Note that our transactions do not have a page limit. Also note that if you send multiple scans for the same load, you will be charged for each scan (1 scan = 1 transaction).

Get on board with technology! Use our great TRANSLFO services today!

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