When people think of truckers, they imagine someone who isn’t very active. After all, the nature of truck driving can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

It’s easy to see that life on the road doesn’t allow for a lot of time to get enough exercise. In fact, studies have found that 75% of truckers don’t get enough physical activity.

However, Garmin has released a smartwatch aimed to boost wellness for truckers. It’s called the Instinct 2 – dēzl Edition, and it’s made specifically for professional truck drivers.

Can this smartwatch get drivers to be more active, or is it just another useless gadget? Find out more by reading below.

How Does the Instinct 2 Help Trucker’s Be More Active?

Garmin believes that their new smartwatch will help get truckers moving. First, by monitoring their health around the clock.

The watch keeps track of heart rate, sleep quality, stress, hydration, and much more. This gives users a baseline to see their progress and where they’re lacking.

It can also show a user that they need to get better rest or show how their fitness is progressing. However, the game-changer in this watch is the short-break workouts.

By using the dēzl app, truckers can view workout tutorials, which are made specifically for short breaks that truckers often take. This is helpful since truckers typically don’t have much time to spend on a workout.

The workouts can be done anywhere and encourage more movement by showing each exercise along with a tutorial.

The watch can also track calories burned, steps taken, and intensity minutes. These metrics can help keep track of and encourage more movement during each day.

Lastly, the watch can pair with dēzl OTR series truck navigators. The two devices together can help truckers plan breaks and make wellness suggestions.

Can a Smart Watch Actually Help Trucker’s Be More Active?

Although this smartwatch has the potential to help truckers be more active, it comes down to the user. After all, the workouts take the initiative to perform when you’re out on your short break.

Of course, the extra encouragement may be precisely what some people need. That’s because a little notification may be all it takes to get the motivation to perform a small workout.

However, many truckers may not need an expensive device to help them start moving. After all, it takes a smartphone and a youtube video to get the same effect.

Are Truck Driving Smartwatches Worth It?

It’s encouraging to see that companies are making products specifically for truck drivers. We always welcome anything that can help truckers in their line of work.

It remains to be seen if Garmin’s smartwatch can help truck drivers live a healthier lifestyle. Likely this comes down to each individual driver.

However, many people may be skeptical about spending so much money on such a device. In the end, if it helps to encourage more exercise, then it’s likely well worth the cost.

After all, health doesn’t have a price tag.

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