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    The Most Innovative Trucking Tech that Has Us Excited In 2022


Although the trucking industry has witnessed several setbacks, such as supply chain disruptions, it’s clear that 2022 is full of exciting surprises regarding innovative trucking technology.

Below, you’ll discover next-gen trucking tech, from ELDs to […]


When it comes to obtaining a commercial driver’s license — not all CDL schools are created equal.

After scouring countless CDL schools across the United States, we’ve honed in on the best. Whether you’re searching […]

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    How Ride Stability Affects Fuel Consumption for Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles


In trucking, everything is all about the bottom line. Arguably, what affects the bottom line the most is fuel consumption.

Fleet managers and owner-operators alike try to maximize fuel efficiency in a number of different […]

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    Can a Smart Watch Encourage Truckers to Be More Active on the Road?


When people think of truckers, they imagine someone who isn’t very active. After all, the nature of truck driving can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

It’s easy to see that life on the road doesn’t […]


The trucking industry, like many others, is dominated by large companies. In the industry, these companies are known as mega carriers.

If you’re a trucker, then there’s a good chance you work or have worked […]

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    5 Things the Regulators Need to Fix to Show How Important Truck Drivers Are for the Economy


As everyone in the trucking industry knows, truckers are essential to the economy. They are the country’s lifeblood as they move goods and medicines nationwide.

After all, it’s estimated that trucks move $10.4 trillion worth […]

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    How to Look at Truck Inspections as a Positive Thing (A Guide for Truckers)


Truck inspections are probably the most disliked part about trucking. After all, you signed up to be out hauling cargo on the road, not checking every nook and cranny on your truck.

If you just […]


The Cold Supply Chain is the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods like food, medications, chemicals, and more. This temperature sensitivity makes logistics even more difficult than in the regular supply chain.

The Cold Supply Chain has […]

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    5 Tactics You Can Use to Improve Tire Life Cycles On Your Fleet


Improving your fleet’s tire life is crucial to running a cost-effective and efficient fleet. After all, fuel efficiency and tread life go hand in hand.

As every fleet manager knows, keeping your fuel efficiency as […]

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    How to Recruit More Female Truck Drivers In 2022 and Beyond?


It’s no secret, trucking is a male-dominated profession. While many women work as dispatchers and at fleet headquarters, they often don’t sit behind the wheel.

It’s estimated that female drivers account only for less than […]