If you ask most carriers, are they healthy? We’re going to make the assumption and say 9 out of 10 will say “no, not really.” Although it’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet, especially […]


the freight and shipping industry, freight forwarding and costs are inevitably
part of a company’s expenses. Therefore, if you use shipping services
frequently, you will know that the prices vary, and finding a reasonable price
last minute […]


It can be argued that blockchain technology can potentially revolutionize the transport and logistics industry. Many transportations and logistics companies alike have already begun to adopt and implement these solutions. Moreover, it seems to […]

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    10 Trends Refrigerated Trucking Should Keep an Eye On in 2019


Refrigerated trucking is an industry which is
changing and growing very quickly year after year. Here we provide you with our
top 10 trends that you should be looking out for in 2019 in the refrigerated
trucking […]

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    United World Transportation Launches New UWT Carrier App to Easily Let Carriers Apply For Available Loads on the Go


United World Transportation has recently launched a new UWT Carrier App which is designed to make it easier than ever for carriers to review available loads using their smartphone or similar digital device. This […]

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    The Trucking Industry Is Pushing for New Supply Chain Costing Methods


There’s an ongoing bone of contention which exists in the supply chain, as the trucking industry consistently feels
undervalued and underappreciated by shippers, who largely view trucks, fleets, and drivers as interchangeable. Although freight rates […]


Did you know that driver fatigue and tiredness causes 13% of all large truck crashes? Not only is driving when you’re tired
dangerous (especially in a huge truck) but it will inevitably start to negatively […]

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    The 2019 Outlook on the Trucking Industry from Owner-Operator’s Point of View


As you’re probably already aware, the income for owner-operators tended to hit a bit of a slump toward the end of 2018 as temperatures cooled down and US/Canadian roads became more hazardous to drive […]


Is it better to buy trucks or lease trucks for
your fleet? Of course, it all depends on you, your fleet, your niche, and your
desired financial situation. Here we look at some
of the pros and […]

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    Do You Know the 3 Biggest Challenges Shippers Have to Face in The Logistics Industry?


Shippers face a plethora of problems in the
logistics industry, but some challenges are more prevalent and common than
others. Here we go over 3 of the most common challenges that shippers are
facing in the logistics […]