Many companies use performance ratings to determine success in various areas of business, from hitting sales targets, to daily evaluations of customer service levels, to telephone system metrics. At UWT, one performance rating that we consider very important is our Carrier Rating system. We rate our Carrier partners on each and every load they haul with us. The purpose behind these ratings is to provide support to our Carriers in order for them to maintain and improve their service levels, and for UWT to maintain high quality performance levels on the services we offer to our Customers. Ratings allow us to provide our Carrier partners with specific elements on which they can focus their efforts and improvements on, as well as the opportunity to pass this information on to their drivers, and to also thank and congratulate our Very Good Rated Carriers for their high level of service.

Below, the performance areas we rate our Carriers on:

  • Accessibility and Communication
  • Additional Charges (short case quantity at delivery that is not noted on BOL/at time of pickup, for example)
  • Attitude
  • Claims
  • Documentation (sending paperwork to UWT in a timely manner, especially for cross-border loads)
  • Double Brokered
  • Dropped Load
  • Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Pulp, Count, and Record at loading/unloading
  • Time Issues (including authorized early delivery and late deliveries)

Upon delivery, each load is rated out of 10, if there are issues in any of the areas noted above, the carrier’s rating will be adjusted accordingly. Some areas are weighted as more critical than others (claims, for example).

We truly appreciate the hard work that our Carrier partners put forth every day, and use our Rating System to document and reflect this. Instead of Valentine’s Day, today has been termed “Team Appreciation Day” around our office,! We extend this appreciation out to all our Carriers for their year round hard work and dedication!


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