This past Tuesday signified another monthly retail visit. While this month’s tour of the local market showed many of the same trends as last month’s visit, there was definitely a sense in most stores that summer is coming to a close. This coming labor day weekend will be a good last chance for many stores to capitalize on promotions of summer favorites, one last time. Here’s what stood out in the stores:

mangoMango Transition – product from Mexico was winding down, showing ripeness and lesser volumes in stores. This product is slowly being replaced with the crops from Central America. Currently, total mango counts from Mexico are down this season, with just over 54.6 million boxes of mangoes being imported into the United states, a 17.8% decrease from the same time last year. Volumes from Mexico are predicted to cease mid-September and be fully replaced with product from Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru by the start of Fall.

peachesStone Fruit – while it continues to flood it aisles, it won’t be long till we see the end of stone fruit season. Much of the product is showing ripeness at the store level, perfect for purchase and eating right away. Much of the product we are seeing around town is form the Okanagan Valley and California. Experts indicate that the California stone fruit market continues to be steady on price, with sizing on peaches and nectarines being heavy; plums are pluots remain available with great quality and promotable volumes.

Avocados – while we saw mostly Peruvian avocados in the stores last month, this month marked a split volume between California, Mexico, and Peru. Supplies from California are beginning their decline as this year’s season is coming to a close. Quality and sizing from California is great. Mexico has just began the harvesting of their “Flor Loca” crop (named as such because it is the first bloom, and typically produces larger and rounder fruit) , which means volume will remain quite low. Finally, product from Peru will decrease in the coming weeks as the season is nearing an end in this region. As with trend, September will see lighter supplies of avocados with a very active market.

As a whole, this month’s market research indicates a good transition into Fall. This research is a great tool that our uses to determine changes in seasonality & buying patterns, and to anticipate the introduction of new seasonal crops. This in turn, allows them to better assist our customers with their operations. Contact us today to discuss further and check back next month where we will have some news for the start of Fall!

We wish everyone a safe, enjoyable and happy Labor Day weekend!

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