We all know product temperature maintenance is key to successful deliveries of perishable products. Two tools that are often used in the industry to ensure perishables are loaded at the correct temperature and then maintained at the accurate temperature during transit are pulp temperature thermometers and temperature recorder devices.

Pulp Temperature Thermometers

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Pulp temperature thermometers come in many configurations and at varying costs. It’s recommended that drivers have at least 2 on hand, and that they know how to calibrate them (check our blog post here on how to calibrate your thermometer). Prior to and during loading, drivers should make sure to pulp at least every other pallet of the product that is being loaded into their trailer. This will ensure that the product is being loaded as per the customer’s requested temperature.

For traditional probe thermometers, the driver should actually poke the product to gain an accurate reading of the internal temperature of the product. For digital thermometers, the driver must take the pulp temperature from as close to the fruit as possible. Digital thermometers do provide quicker temperature readings, but technical experts warn that standing too far away from the product could compromise the thermometer’s reading, as it could be affected by outside surrounding air temperatures.

Remember, if the product pulp temperature reads higher than the requested temperature on the bill of lading, drivers need to address this variance immediately with the staff at the loading shed, and contact UWT immediately so that we can notify the customer. And remember, if access to the loading dock and pulping is not permitted, “shipper load and count” must be written on the BOL!!!!

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Temperature Recorder Devices









Temperature recorder devices are also referred to in the industry by the popular brands of TempTale or Ryan Recorders. Once the product has been pulped and loaded, there are 4 key things to keep in mind for the devices, which we term the 4 P’s.

1. Presence – Customers that require temperature recorder devices have paid for them, and they should be treated as additional product on the truck. It is the driver’s responsibility to check for their presence and ensure that the correct number of recorders are on the truck.

2. Position – According to Sensitech, the correct location of the temperature recorder is on the back right pallet facing the doors. If the temperature recorder is to be placed before the last pickup, or is required for every pickup, the recorder should still be placed on the last pallet for that pickup.

*Note: Temperature recorders should never be placed on trailer walls; heat that is conducted through the walls will affect the recorder’s reading.

3. Placement – Recorders must be placed on the top of boxes on the pallet in order to provide an accurate reading. Make sure that the recorder is placed carefully as to not damage it.

4. Performance – Make sure that the recorder is in good working order and is turned on. The recorder will be insignificant if its performance is not verified.

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