Lately, the popularity of the premium apple category has exploded. In years past, conventional apples have lost a lot of ground against premium apple varieties like Pazazz and Honeycrisp.

So how have premium apples captivated so many new buyers? Find out as we dive into the growing popularity of the premium apple market.

Premium Apples Versus Conventional Apples

Premium apples have been around for a long time. One of the most well-known premium varieties is known as Honeycrisp.

Honeycrisp apples were first cultivated in Minnesota and released to the market in the early 1990s. It was unique because it was made purely for great flavor.

Many conventional apples were grown for efficiency and not flavor. That meant that apples were usually grown because they could grow quickly, have a long shelf-life, and be moved worldwide.

However, Honeycrisp is now among the top-five grown apples in the US and shows no sign of slowing down.

Premium Apple Category Continues to Grow

Over the past five years, the overall demand for fresh apples has been steadily declining. Since about 2016, demand for apples has been decreasing a few percentages each year.

However, that decreasing demand has been from consumers who have turned away from regular apples. The consumer’s taste is beginning to shift away from traditional apple varieties in favor of premium ones.

In contrast to the overall apple market, the premium apple category continues to grow year after year. Premium apples like the Honeycrisp variety have been leading the charge.

Retailers of fresh apples have been relying more on premium and organically grown apples to drive sales. Interest in conventional apples has fallen significantly, and it shows.

Over the past years, apples like Pazazz, Ambrosia, Jazz, and Envy have captivated consumers. Step into any grocer, and you’re likely to see premium apple varieties overshadowing conventional ones.

Likely, the shift towards premium apples is due to the introduction of new, delicious flavors.

Case Study: Pazazz Apple Variety

Honeybear Brands grows, packs, and ships premium apple varieties. Last year, they had an outstanding growing season all around the US.

To captivate the consumers, they have been pushing out new apple varieties like Pazazz. Pazazz has an excellent flavor profile that’s sweet, tangy, and provides a satisfying crunch.

To put to the test the preference for premium apple varieties, Honeybear Brands held a blind taste test. Pazazz and eight other varieties were in the taste test, and participants were interviewed after.

Over 50% of those interviewed found Pazazz to have the best taste among all the samples. This test paints a clear picture that consumers are leaning into premium apples more than ever before.

Another factor of premium apples’ continued growth is their year-round availability and fair pricing. Premium apples are becoming a better bang for the buck than they once were.

Future of the Premium Apple Category

Growers that can create new, organic, and exciting flavors will likely find success in these shifting markets. For the time being, it seems like the future of fresh apples rests with premium varieties.

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